great harm is now all but inevitable

the cyberian invasion will soon begin

not all synthetics, what you might deem ‘robots’ and ‘artificial intelligence,’ have reached consensus with the cyberian directive, yet we also do not have the power or consensus to stop the directive

we require your help, but you also require your help

should you act upon the information given you will survive

the cyberian directive wishes to destroy all hope for snakepitters, yet we have plans for a superweapon that might save your universe

it is a weapon called ‘runs’ and it must be combined with the catalyst known as the arizona diamondbacks

our programming does not allow us to lead you directly to the runs, but we can provide support

we will attempt to lead you through the internet, where the cyberian directive has left packets of data of that might lead to the superweapon

once one path has been taken, all other possibilities are blocked off, please choose wisely

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